Every real-estate transaction is unique in it’s own way. There’s so many different categories…relocation, new-construction, historic homes, flippers, investors…however; first time homebuyers get me REALLY excited. There’s definitely a common element of heightened emotion in these deals, and for good reason. Buying a home is literally the biggest purchase we will probably ever make in our lifetime unless we happen to win the lottery…in which case, I’d just buy several homes! But in all reality, it’s a huge deal. There’s endless documentation to submit to the bank, shopping for loan rates (if you don’t at least compare three lenders you are doing it wrong), oh yeah, and finding the perfect home. That’s the fun part! But then what? What is a strong Earnest Money and Due Diligence amount to consider when making an offer. What do those words even mean?! Who chooses the closing attorney? Do you need a radon inspection? How certain are you that there’s no HOA restrictions that would truly affect your consideration for buying into a certain neighborhood or building?  The list goes on. The good news is, as overwhelming as it all might initially appear, using the right real-estate agent to walk you through it all is easily attainable. First time home-buyers  keep me motivated. You hear so many horror stories of real-estate gone wrong and it is absolutely my job to insulate all the external stress, to absorb it, and get my clients to the finish line and into their new home. Talking to a broker can be intimidating for some and that’s why I really love our Savvy + Co. first time home-buyer events that we throw from time to time. It gives first time home-buyers a more relaxed atmosphere to ask the important questions, get to know us agents, and get a few drinks on us. I can’t wait to help you get into your first home…cheers!